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Let Go of Your Past. Live in the Present.

The thought of doing trauma therapy can be intimidating.  And yet, you’re tired of dealing with all of the issues as a result of the trauma you’ve experienced. 

What does trauma therapy look like?
Trauma therapy starts by establishing a strong relationship with your therapist.  I ensure that my clients feel grounded and supported before delving into anything that might be considered painful for them.  Once we have developed enough resources for the client to proceed, we can begin to explore the past events and present issues that have lead them to seek therapy.  

Some of the steps and stages in addressing trauma through therapy can be:

  • Clarifying and defining what present issues are

  • Unpacking traumatic events as defined by the client

  • Connecting past events to present issues and narratives

  • Learning about triggers and how they manifest in the day to day

  • Increasing awareness to catch triggering behaviour and avoid problems

  • Learning how the body reacts to, and reinforces, reactions to traumatic triggers

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