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Overcome The Past

EMDR treatment is designed to decrease and extinguish the negative feelings associated with memories of traumatic events.  By fully processing past experiences, clients are able to sort through the emotions attached to those experiences.  Negative beliefs and feelings are replaced with positive beliefs and feelings that will help the client to engage in healthier social interactions and healthier behaviour.  

Not Just Eye Movements

Traditionally, EMDR has been done by the therapist using a hand movement technique that the client follows with their eyes.  Today, it is no longer limited to eye movement and has expanded to what is known as Bilateral stimulation - the processing of two stimuli at the same time.  This means that there are now several options for the processing phase of treatment where clients can use tactile or auditory stimuli, or even a butterfly hug where the clients taps themselves while processing.  As long as the brain experiences two means of stimuli at the same time, the desired result of diminishing the negative feelings from traumatic memories can be achieved.  

EMDR can be used to treat symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and phobias.  In addition, I have also used EMDR to treat depression, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction and stress.

To learn more about this fascinating form of trauma therapy, contact me for more information.

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